We offer gas valve and thermocouples according to the European standards (CE). The design of the gas valves are standardized and generalized for applying in variety of devices. To cope with difficulties of finding correct connections, gas valves are available with their proper fittings and nuzzle.

Our thermocouples have the copper body with the brass head. In case of flame failure due to wind or the overflow of pot, thermocouples close the gas flow to avoid any explosion and fire occurences. We increas safety of your gas appliance. These products were designed to have a fast action when you start to ignite the gas flame. Does not require to wait for a long time. The varity in functionality, connection threads and lenght are available for applying in different brands. For the manufactors or service companies we can provide thermocouples with their own design and configurations.

Complete Set of Gas Valve - SET102

Gas valve complete system (universal spare part): The gas inlet can
be connected directly to a gas pressure reducer or an internal gas line
of the gas appliance. The gas valve can be used with/without the
screwed gas nozzle.
Application: The gas heater, burner oven and grill of gas stove ...


Gas Valve - SET100

Application: Gas burner, gas cooker and grill
e.g. CB, Ambach, Baron, Angelo Po, Cookmax, Electrolux, Küppersbusch, Alpeninox.


Copper Thermocouple - SET552

Application: Fryer, heater and gas burner with timer connection
e.g. Junker, Ambach, Baron, Angelo Po, Elframo, Giga, Mastro.


Copper Thermocouple - SET514

Application: Oven and grill of gas cooker
e.g. Gasgrill Ubert, Zanussi, Gico, Krampouz, Heidebrenner, Giga, Bertos.


Copper Thermocouple - SET551

Application: Gas burner and gas cooker
e.g. CB, Ambach, Baron, Angelo Po, Cookmax, Electrolux, Küppersbusch, Alpeninox.